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Jamie Watts, RPT

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Keeping the music flowing in the Delaware Valley...

Tuning & Voicing

Quality tuning, crisp unisons, concert temperament to bring your piano to life

Recording Studios

I have 26 years experience in audio recording technology and am available during recording sessions to ensure you get the best possible recording of your piano

Repairs and Cleaning

Sticking keys, noisy pedals, I'll fix it - including soundboard cleaning

Climate Control Installation

I am a Certified Installer for Dampp-Chaser Systems, which protects your piano from damaging impacts from seasonal humidity changes

Action Rebuilding

I specialize in rebuilding piano actions: the mechanism of the piano that causes hammers to strike the strings when a key is pressed.


Making sure each key plays as it should, and all the parts in the action work correctly



Jamie Watts is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) in the Piano Technician Guild (PTG), a graduate of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology with highest honors.

Lumaria Blakeney

Lumaria Blakeney is the office scheduler for Quality Piano Service, and a former educator with the Philadelphia School District.


The sound James Watts got out of the piano by working on it is truly extraordinary. The intervals are not just true, they are so true that they are beautiful. His tuning makes the piano inspiring to play better, and it enables compositional imagination by rendering clearly even difficult to hear intervals.


Philadelphia Area Composer
Jamie has been caring for our piano for a number of years - the consummate professional, he advises us on acoustical matters that accentuate the sound of the instrument, and we depend on his expertise to keep our piano well-maintained. We have recommended Jamie's services to many others as well.

Beth Lyon

I always feel confident that Jamie will take excellent care of my piano and have never been disappointed. He is always punctual, professional and attentive. I always recommend Jamie to my students and so far everyone is satisfied. Since I spend countless hours at my piano it’s imperative that my piano is properly attended to.

Peter Simpkins

Music teacher